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There is a list of medications containing "Ofloxacin" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Ofloxacin medications The last trade name of products
Abflox Abflox - Aflox Aflox
Agoflox Agoflox - Aloof Aloof
Alox Alox - Antof Antof
Apoflox Apoflox - Arvid Arvid
Arviflox Arviflox - Avoflox Avoflox
Axaflox Axaflox - Bactorax Bactorax
Baroflox Baroflox - B-Flox B-Flox
Bidoflox Bidoflox - Bi-Otra Bi-Otra
Bioz Bioz - Bulldose Bulldose
Cadof Cadof - C-Flox C-Flox
CG Flox CG Flox - Conflox Conflox
Contromax Contromax - Cyboflox Cyboflox
Cyflox Cyflox - Deflox Deflox
Delbysen Delbysen - Doflo Doflo
Dolocep Dolocep - Effexin Effexin
Eflobid Eflobid - Encin Encin
Endif Endif - Etaroxe Etaroxe
Ethiflox Ethiflox - Eyflox Eyflox
Eylox Eylox - Flikof Flikof
Flobacin Flobacin - Flovid Flovid
Flow Flow - Floxal EDO Floxal EDO
Floxal Kombi-Packung Floxal Kombi-Packung - Floxicontin-O Floxicontin-O
Floxicure Floxicure - Floxit Floxit
Floxitril Floxitril - Floxstat Floxstat
Floxur Floxur - Focinat Focinat
Fox Fox - Galoxin Galoxin
Garantey Garantey - Genoflox Genoflox
Geoflox Geoflox - Grenis-Oflo Grenis-Oflo
Gyrex Gyrex - Hexoflo Hexoflo
Hicin Hicin - Ideflox Ideflox
Iflox Iflox - Inflox Inflox
Inflox Inflox - Itex Itex
Ivis Oflo Ivis Oflo - Jornoff Jornoff
Jox Jox - Klonalflox Klonalflox
Konovid Konovid - LG-Flox LG-Flox
Liflox Liflox - Lokcin Lokcin
Loxa Loxa - Maaflox Maaflox
Magof Magof - Medliflox Medliflox
Medoflox Medoflox - Mep-Orva Mep-Orva
Mergexin Mergexin - Mof Mof
Mofcare Mofcare - Napocef Napocef
NBFlox NBFlox - Nex-O Nex-O
Nicflox Nicflox - Novofran Novofran
Novo-Ofloxacin Novo-Ofloxacin - Obactin Obactin
Obactin-OD Obactin-OD - Ocent Ocent
Ocfo Ocfo - O-Cos O-Cos
Octacin Octacin - OF OF
Ofac Ofac - O-Fane O-Fane
Ofast Ofast - OFC OFC
Ofcare Ofcare - Ofcoy Ofcoy
Ofcro Ofcro - Ofer Ofer
Ofet Ofet - Offdun Offdun
Offer Offer - Ofialin Ofialin
Ofikel Ofikel - Ofking Ofking
Ofkinz Ofkinz - Ofladon Ofladon
Oflagard Oflagard - Ofla-OD Ofla-OD
Oflaprime Oflaprime - Oflatoon-OD Oflatoon-OD
Oflavid Oflavid - Oflict Oflict
Oflid Oflid - Oflo Oflo
Oflobac Oflobac - Oflocet Oflocet
Oflochek Oflochek - Oflodal Oflodal
Ofloday Ofloday - Ofloget Ofloget
Oflohexal Oflohexal - Oflomac-OD Oflomac-OD
Oflomarc Oflomarc - Oflonit Oflonit
Oflonom Oflonom - Ofloron Ofloron
Oflosar Oflosar - Oflotak Oflotak
Oflotar Oflotar - Oflowic Oflowic
Oflowin Oflowin - Oflox (Micro Labs) Oflox (Micro Labs)
Oflox (R.X. Company) Oflox (R.X. Company) - Ofloxacin (Akorn) Ofloxacin (Akorn)
Ofloxacin (Alcon) Ofloxacin (Alcon) - Ofloxacin (Bedford Laboratories) Ofloxacin (Bedford Laboratories)
Ofloxacin (Biocom) Ofloxacin (Biocom) - Ofloxacin (Dongsung Pharmaceuticals) Ofloxacin (Dongsung Pharmaceuticals)
Ofloxacin (Dr. Reddy's Laboratories) Ofloxacin (Dr. Reddy's Laboratories) - Ofloxacin (Khandelwal Laboratories) Ofloxacin (Khandelwal Laboratories)
Ofloxacin (Kraspharma) Ofloxacin (Kraspharma) - Ofloxacin (NIC Pharma) Ofloxacin (NIC Pharma)
Ofloxacin (Novex) Ofloxacin (Novex) - Ofloxacin (Protech Biosystems) Ofloxacin (Protech Biosystems)
Ofloxacin (Rafarma) Ofloxacin (Rafarma) - Ofloxacin (Vidipha) Ofloxacin (Vidipha)
Ofloxacin (Zentiva) Ofloxacin (Zentiva) - Ofloxacine (G Gam Laboratoires) Ofloxacine (G Gam Laboratoires)
Ofloxacine (IVAX) Ofloxacine (IVAX) - Ofloxamarksans Ofloxamarksans
Ofloxan Ofloxan - Oflox-OD Oflox-OD
Ofloxol Ofloxol - Ofne Ofne
Ofnet Ofnet - Ofocus Ofocus
Ofor Ofor - Ofran Ofran
Ofrap Ofrap - Ofroxacef Ofroxacef
Ofrut Ofrut - Ofspin Ofspin
Ofsta Ofsta - Oftec Oftec
Oftech Oftech - Oftum Oftum
Oftus Oftus - OFX OFX
Ofy Ofy - Ojen Ojen
Okaflox Okaflox - Olfic Olfic
Olfo Olfo - Oloxin Oloxin
O-Loxin O-Loxin - Oniflox Oniflox
On-OD On-OD - Opex Opex
Ophar Ophar - Orant Orant
Orant-OD Orant-OD - Oroflox Oroflox
Osani Osani - Otago Otago
Otech Otech - Ovid Ovid
Ovilox Ovilox - Oxan Oxan
Oxasil Oxasil - Oxfla Oxfla
Oxiflox Oxiflox - Oxo Oxo
Oxoism Oxoism - Ozee Ozee
Ozer Ozer - Pifoxacin Pifoxacin
Pin Pin - Polo Polo
Polo Kid Polo Kid - Promiflox Promiflox
Provo Provo - Quiflural Quiflural
Quinoflox Quinoflox - QXT QXT
Rafocilina Rafocilina - Reoflox Reoflox
Rflox Rflox - Rofbact Rofbact
R-Off R-Off - Ruflox Ruflox
Rutomane Rutomane - Sensoflox Sensoflox
Seracin Seracin - Sinox Sinox
Siof Siof - Sparox Sparox
Stano Stano - Swalox Swalox
Syflores Syflores - Tandox Tandox
Tanox Tanox - Tel-Oflox Tel-Oflox
Terioxan Terioxan - Topflox Topflox
Topper Topper - Tructum Tructum
Turboflox Turboflox - Uniflox (Unimed Pharma) Uniflox (Unimed Pharma)
Uniflox (United Biotech) Uniflox (United Biotech) - Veeflox Veeflox
Veeflox-DS Veeflox-DS - Viflox (Legend Pharmaceuticals) Viflox (Legend Pharmaceuticals)
Viflox (Semsun Pharma) Viflox (Semsun Pharma) - Volo Volo
Volox Volox - Woofox Woofox
Wyflox Wyflox - Yudlox Yudlox
Yukacin Yukacin - Zanovid Zanovid
Zanox Zanox - Zenosam Zenosam
Zenotas Zenotas - Z-Flex Z-Flex
Z-Flox Z-Flox - Zoflox Zoflox
Z-Oflox Z-Oflox - Zylox Zylox

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